Rose Cousins House Concert, Chicago 11/23/08

1 12 2008


I recently had the surprising pleasure to see Canadian singer/songwriter Rose Cousins perform at a local house concert. I say surprising because, if you haven’t noticed yet (and thus don’t read this blog regularly-which I can only assume means you don’t know how to read at all), I’m not a huge fan of singer/songwriter/folky/chick-with-guitar type music. I leave that to my fellow blogger, Coops, and my various lesbo friends who drool over girls with acoustic guitars. Rose Cousins, however, may have turned me.

Rose’s singing seemed completely effortless, and from the moment she hit her first note, I was mesmerized. Since I’m a bit of a novice in this genre, I don’t really have any other musician that I can think of to compare her to. But if I had to make a comparison at all, I’d say this: Sometimes (on preferably cold or rainy days) if I can get an afternoon to myself, I like to curl up in my favorite corner of my couch, next to the window, and just write to my little heart’s content and reflect on life. I don’t know why, but having that time to do nothing but think about myself and my life, always leads me to this sense of happiness and thankfulness. And, that reflection always includes good times, bad times, and all times in between. The constant is that they’re the best times of my life. I’ll sometimes lose myself for incredible stretches of time in these thoughts and memories. That’s what it’s like to listen to Rose Cousins. It’s like losing yourself in the best parts of life.

You can check Rose Cousins out here.

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