Hatton Hit The Wrong Guy

1 12 2008


I don’t know how I missed this tidbit of news last week, but the infamous Gallagher brothers made an appearance in the boxing ring with boxer Ricky Hatton. Oh wait, yes I do know how I missed that piece of news. Um, because it’s about the Gallaghers. And… they’re d-bags.

Ricky Hatton has obviously been hit in the head too many times because he lists Oasis as being the 4th most important thing in his life. The brothers joined Hatton in the ring to celebrate his win against Paulie Malignaggi. I think they brought out his belt or something. I don’t know these terms, I don’t follow boxing. I just know that it would have been hysterical if Hatton gave one of the Gallagher’s a right hook to one of their pouty faces. Instead he got a kiss from one of them. They’re obviously trying to improve their image by posing as gay now. Not gonna work boys, we don’t want ya!

In other crap-Oasis news, Weezer announced that they might tour with Oasis next year. Disappointment central, Weezer.

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