People, press play

29 11 2008


OMG. i love finding a new band that just consumes me. that is what i have found with “people, press play.” they are a quartet from denmark. hamlet would be proud. their first self titled disc (but labeled as s/t on itunes), is bliss for someone like me. it has a background reminiscent of the postal service, but with gorgeous female vocals, from sara severy. the three gentlemen, Anders Remmer, Jesper Skaaning, Thomas Knak have 2 offshoot electronica projects opiate and future 3.

some standout tracks include “you’re always wrong”, “there is a road”, but the whole cd is just so good, warm and inviting. for any of you that have a soft spot for shoegazing music, aka cocteau twins, my bloody valentine, ulrich schnauss or even the Godfather of music with space, Brian Eno, this is right up your alley.

they are part of new label discovery for me as well, morr music. any of you who know me, understand what a dork and geek i am about music. a lot of my ‘discoveries’ come from looking at label catalogues. after perusing the artist list i spent quite a bit of time and money on itunes updating my neglected electronica files. oliver said it best “might i have some morr?”

ppp is ikea sounding music; accessible and easy to rearrange. so go buy and sit on a new couch and enjoy some sounds that will wrap around you like a fleece blanket.




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