Leftovers and tidbits

29 11 2008

any of you guys like frou frou? the male half of the band that starred imogen heap, is guy sigsworth….he has produced 2 tracks on britney spears new cd circus. at one point brit brit had some tracks produced by one of my faves BT. the girl does surround herself with talent.

the german government ruled against the band kraftwerk who sued a hip hop producer, moses pelham, for sampling a 2 sec tidbit from their 1979 song ‘metal on metal’. sampling, to me, is a form of flattery. i think a time maximum and acknowledgment are all a band should have to cop to. when it comes down to it, kraftwerk, just wants a portion of the profits from the song.

speaking of sampling, kanye a great purveyor of tidbits, has been listed as sampling; tears for fears, nina simone and wtf??? the alan parsons project!!!

welcome to the jungle. GnR are demanding a public apology from Dr. Pepper, for their inability to deliver a tasty can of soda to everyone in america. sah-weeeeeee

snow patrol is doing a mini tour of the u.s. in december. several of the shows are free. they are skipping chicago. thanks guys!!




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