The Killers, Day & Age

25 11 2008


Hello, beautiful.  You are the new love of my life.  I eat, sleep and breathe you.  When we aren’t together, all that I think about is being with you and my heart yearns for your sound.  Yeah, that’s right.  I’m talking to you, Day & Age.  You beautiful piece of musical mastery.  I love you.

Oh, Day & Age.  You were a latecomer this year, but you’ll still be a contender for best album of 2008.  I still feel that underlying Killers sound that I know and love, but it has matured and grown.  Your songs are quirky and weird in the way that makes me want to hug them close to my heart and never let go.  I can’t listen to just one of your tracks without listening to the entire album.  This isn’t just some fly-by-night fling, Day & Age.  This is the real deal.  We’re going to be happy together for a very long time, I just know it it.  Thank you for being my new musical love.



p.s. – Please tell Brandon that his vocals are fucking amazing.




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