Guns N Roses, Chinese Democracy

24 11 2008


Guns N Roses’ long awaited album, Chinese Democracy, was leaked a week before it’s debut (yesterday); so to plug the leak, GNR went ahead and streamed the entire album on their MySpace page. I have given said leaked album quite a few listens feeling conflicted and needing to hear it more and more in order to construct a good review. In the end, if I were to rate this on a scale of “so bad I punched myself in the face just to have a pain that I could control” to “so good I peed my pants”, I’d give it a, “meh”. It’s not a bad album. In fact, a couple of the songs are pretty good. But, it’s just not what I was expecting. After all of the build-up and years of waiting, I was expecting my mind to be blown and, contrary to what my writing shows, my mind is still perfectly intact. I would advise you to avoid the title track (Chinese Democracy) at all costs, and I’d advise Axl to write more worthwhile lyrics next time he’s going to name a song after one of the most important books in American Literature (Catcher in the Rye). Songs that I didn’t mind listening to over and over again include If The World, Street of Dreams, and Shackler’s Revenge. I’m glad that GNR were forced to stream the album so that I could listen for free because, in the end, I don’t feel that it’s worth the money I’d spend on owning it. Maybe I’m being a music misanthrope, but I think that there’s just no magic in GNR without the man in the top hat.

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