Gotta take that leak and give it a listen….

17 11 2008


So kids…everyone is leaking. Britney, Kayne and thank God, a lil wayne mix tape. I have decided that I look like him in a Caucasian kind of way.

Let’s talk Brit. Just two years ago she shaved her head. Can you believe it? Now she is….well don’t call it a comeback. Several tracks off of “Circus” are hitting the internet airwaves. They are good, fun, pop as it should be. I like Britney. I love that she was a wreck and is coming back from the edge. Stand out tracks so far are “kill the lights”, “if u seek Amy (f.u.c.k. me)”, “Womanizer”.

Yes, yes naysayers, some of the stuff sounds a little like “Blackout”, but it is a progression forward. And is Britney ready for a White Album? Not quite. Madonna seemed to be giving her another opportunity at a recent concert in L.A., to take the reigns of pop and move forward. I won’t go off topic here, but Britney could embrace re-invention in a way that more people might be able to understand, cough, Kabbalah, cough.

There is a great blog i have found where you can access all of the tracks that have leaked, Also check out some of Kanye’s goodness while your at it. I am still reveling in little Wayne’s lyricist of the year award, so have not perused some of his offerings. can one really top “bitches and hos?”

I hope the lady Spears makes a good go of it and while she’s at it knocks Miley Cyrus into the Tiffany, i-think-we’re-alone-now pile.

FYI the album drops 12.2.08

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2 responses

18 11 2008

I naturally had to hear the tracks so yes I took a listen and it’s just all ok to me. None of the songs really made me want to get up and dance and that’s why I love Britney. I love that she makes great dance songs. I still will go nuts in the club when I hear “Slave 4 U” or hell even “Gimmie More” but the new tracks are just so-so. But at least they aren’t bad. 🙂

19 11 2008

i think i like britney more the more trashy her public image is.

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