Uh Huh Her @ The Park West 11.3.08

4 11 2008

The ladies that comprise Uh Huh Her, Leisha Hailey (of L Word fame and former bands, The Murmurs and Gush) and Camila Grey (of a seemingly all bang haircut and former band, The Mellowdrone), rolled into town last night for a show at The Park West. I have to admit, not being a fan of The Murmurs or really any actors turned musicians, I was a bit skeptical of, “Leisha Hailey from The L Word’s band”. I was, however, excited to see the amazingly talented Camila Grey, and when my awesome friend, Karina, offered me a couple of tickets to the show, I couldn’t turn them down. First of all, I have to say that Leisha Hailey shattered my prior negative views of actors who turn musician. Technically, I guess she was a musician first, so maybe my whole, “they can’t do that” idea isn’t too far off base. Either way, both of these ladies are amazingly talented. They move from keyboards to guitar to bass, and back again with each song. They each have beautiful, and very different voices, and they both brought amazing energy to the stage. pb030142

For a band that seems to get as much attention for their fashion taste as they do for their music, I guess I should say – loved the outfits. They’re both adorable. But, I truly hope that people look past the fashion and the acting fame and really give this band a good listen. Their music is really, really good and if you have a chance to catch them in concert, don’t miss it! pb030140

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