Need Coldplay gifts for the Holidaze?

2 11 2008

Coldplay are set to release two new ditties before the year ends. Yesssss!!!! One is a digital only EP of ‘Lost’ that will contain several versions of the song including a live track and one with Jay-Z adding his 2 cents. Jigga please!!! They just released the art work for the new EP that will be released Nov. 25th in US. It is called Prospekts March. The painting is by the same artist, Eugene Delacroix, that graced the cover of Viva La Vida….(is that Jake Gyllenhall on the horse?)


Regarding the tracks on the new EP Coldplay says

“We are very proud of these and excited to release them. They have each been the subject of many discussions and arguments. Some might be considered too catchy or too heavy for Coldplay songs but in our minds they complete the Viva La Vida picture.”

Wonder what Brian Eno thinks?


Prospekts Marchtracklisting:

Life In Technicolor II
Postcards From Far Away
Glass Of Water
Rainy Day
Prospekts March’/’Poppyfields
Lost +
Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun mix)
Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground


Supposedly the Lost track on PM will be the Jay Z version. Only 23 days 🙂


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