snow patrol, not just like ________

1 11 2008

A Hundred Million Suns cover


The new album by Snow Patrol , A Hundred Million Suns,  is a nice comfy hoodie. Familiar, warm, hard to take off.  EVERY review I perused of the new disc had to compare these nice lads from northern Ireland to another all male arena based band from the neighboring island of England. I refuse to use that band’s name and for the record I love them!!! Snow patrol are not _______, just like they are not another iconic favorite from Ireland. They are a similar genre of music that must be in the water of that part of the world. Now on to the music.

The fist single for album is Take Back the City, nothing extraordinary. I had to listen to it a few times, but it has grown on me. My favorites are the fourth track, Lifeboats and the last track, Lightning Strike. There is a slight shoegazing tempo to the guitars in Lifeboats. One of the most endearing things about Gary LIghtbody’s voice is his Irish lilt. He doesn’t sound bland when he sings. It conveys the heartache and workingmanness of his songs.  I smell at least one or two Grey’s Anatomy songs from this outing. That is a good thing though, because after Chasing Cars they were able to buy some good sound equipment for their live performances.  Overall this disc is “buy album” worthy, especially since the last track is unvailable as a single. Lightning strike is a sixteen minute, three part trip of piano and fluctuating strings. It is like a band coming out of a cocoon getting ready to fly towards something new.




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