The mouse that is changing dance music.

26 10 2008

No it’s not Mickey or Danger, the genius behind the Grey album. It is Joel Zimmerman from Canada. The 27 year old goes by Deadmau5, pronounced dead mouse. In the course 18 months, he has changed a breed of music that has not had much new except the progression from vinyl to cds to computers. He says the age of the DJ is dying, but DJ’s from all genres love and drop his tunes, along with universal accolades. His tracks are called progressive house, trance, techno, electro, minimalist. It doesn’t matter what category you put them into, because his songs fill up the dance floor and make you bop your head.

He is not a DJ. He is a performer, donning a huge mouse head with strobe light eyes. He is a producer, remixing everyone from Kaskade to Daft Punk and recently released his first artist album, Random Album Title. He is a computer geek that works on complex algorithms to allow a platform to create his beats.

You can hear his style being copied by artists everywhere. Fueled by cases of regular Coke, he credits his crazy rate of production and progression from the drive to not be the same. lists dozens of tracks and remixes in a time span of less than two years. It was his tune Faxing Berlin, that has been downloaded more than any other track in the website’s history (over 30,000 times) that initially started the buzz that would lead him towards being named the artist and producer of the year for two years running.

Random Album Title (hmmm wonder if the acronym RAT is intentional?) is a smattering of his works and includes his two biggest singles to date, Faxing Berlin and Not Exactly, plus a song he did with Kaskade, I Remember. It is a nice package, but I recommend finding the singles you like and paying by the slice. His track Brazil (second edit) is a nice example of his progression.

I love electronica!!! My first forray into dance music was with BT and Everything But the Girl, in the middle 90’s. Admittedly, the stylings have not changed much, although Mr. BT was always a step ahead.  Deadmau5 seems to be the next generation. The first time I heard Faxing Berlin I was hooked. Some called his style 1/8th note, because it adds an extra bop. Whatever it is, dance music being turned on it’s big mau5 ear. 

On a sidenote: Deadmau5 is debuting a special Halloween version of the head, black with orange eyes. He is wrapping up the North American part of his tour in November. Set a trap and catch him if you can.


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