Andy Samberg!! SNL’s voice on music and so much more

25 10 2008

Andy Samberg has me hooked. Ever since the viral video hit Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Mr. Pibb plus red vines equals crazy delicious.) i anxiously await his interpretations of today’s music scene. Brilliant doesn’t begin to cover it. Thank God for Hulu, SNL and NBC are not squashing these gems any more. He won an emmy for “Dick In a Box” with Justin Timberlake, on of the funniest things I have ever seen. He did a song with Adam Levine on Iran. Recently, he had Marky Mark’s tighy whiteys in a wad, about a skit called “Mark Wahlberg, talking to animals.” He has mocked flattered everyone from Jack Johnson, to James Blunt and even the new aussie band Empire of the Sun. Not only is the kid funny, he digs deep into new music. Musicians are not his only targets, David Blaine and Chuck Norris can’t escape his comedic mettle, but it seems to me, music is close to his wit/heart. Check out to catch up on his digital shorts, because you will need to be checking yours after watching.


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26 10 2008
Brita James

True story, I may or may not have converted Samberg’s “Iran So Far Away” from youtube to mp3 format so that I can listen to it randomly throughout my work day…I’m just saying, the guy is talented and more importantly f’n hysterical. Like the lyrics, if you get past the very-hairy-jake-gyllenhaal portion, are sort of spot on.

Okay. I am finished.

Wait, I’d like to add, i’m curious to know how many RSS feeds either one of you subscribe to as the rate at which you publish music-related blogs is not only outstanding, but down right impressive. Kudos!!

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