90210 and unexpected gifts; Lykke Li.

25 10 2008

Lykke Li

My sophomore year in college was my first hit of 90210. The original show had the Peach Pit and David Silver as resident DJ. The acts on the original show were the early predecessors of myspace band fodder, reaching out for new ways to be heard.  I have not seen the new show, nor how Brenda’s bangs and Kelly have evolved, but frequently check out the latest playlists from the show to fuel my addiction of music. Today, I was trying to palette the new Kings Of Leon album, I respect it but I couldn’t take more than one bite. To help with the aftertaste I looked at the “new” 90210 playlists and found a refreshing musical elixir….Lykke Li. I tend to have a sweet tooth and realize that my musical tastes are similar. Lykke is like a swig from box of nerds, chased by pixie stick. Maybe that is why they call it pop. I didn’t get that crash though. Her album, Youth Novels, was produced by Bjorn (of Peter, Bjorn and Jon,  of “young folks” fame).  She has a voice that is familiar and to use a quote from another review is both “youthful and novel.” She has baby doll vocals with an ecclectronica background. I went and pressed the “buy album” button on itunes, a signal of commitment in this day of singles. Check her out and let me know when Dylan comes back to Beverly Hills to pay a visit to son. Discuss: Couple Lykke with a free Dr. Pepper from the new GNR album and I wonder if Mikey would bite?

Click these: Breaking It Up, Little Bit

posted by: cooper


posted by: cooper




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