The Greatest Day Ever? FREE Dr. Pepper AND A New GNR Album!

24 10 2008

Earlier this year, Dr. Pepper released a statement saying that if Axl Rose released Guns N’ Roses’ new album, Chinese Democracy, by the end of 2008, then they would give a free can of Dr. Pepper to everyone in America!  Minus Slash and Buckethead. Sorry, guys.

The long-awaited Chinese Democracy (an album that has been in the works for over a decade) is set to be released on November 23, 2008. According to, on that date, interested fans will have the opportunity to go to Dr. Pepper’s web site to register for their free can of pop. They then have to wait about 4-6 weeks to receive it. 4-6 weeks. For a can of pop. I feel the same way about this can of pop as I do about Chinese Democracy – It had better be the best damn thing I have ever experienced.

P.S. – Dr. Pepper, I will gladly give up my free can of pop if you can either get Slash to re-join GNR or Axl to lose the braids.

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25 10 2008

Well I’ve heard the album is a real shit show so I’m very excited to get my free Dr. Pepper in 4-6 weeks which is how long it takes to get the coupon. But hell in this economy that’s saving me $1.50!

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