Decorating faux paus?

18 10 2008


Is it time for me to dismantle my Ikea CD racks? I fear the answer is yes. My CD collection is a reflection of who I am. Like my book cases, my towers of music are glimpses into Cooper. When iTunes changed the face of retail music sales and shopping, so too, it took away a standard piece of furniture and discussion. Where are your CD’s now? 

I have opted for a compromise. My CB2 single tower will house my 50 desert island discs. If you still had a discman and got stuck on an island, with an unlimited supply of double A batteries who would make the cut? Funny thing is most of my current faves won’t make the list because i have lost the tangible side of buying music. Remember trying like crazy to get the plastic wrapper off the CD, then opening up the case to get to the linear notes, because you had to know the last three words of the chorus and unfortunately the lead vocalist mumbled like Ennis in Brokeback Mountain. I miss that, like I am going to miss my Ikea towers. I wonder how I can make my Itunes the center piece of my living room.

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20 10 2008

+ as for your fitty desert islander CD’s- what’s the hold out? generic batteries?

*lil wayne’s a lyrical poet (to borrow a phrase from the original vanillist) but lyricist of the year?? maybe, i will scan my uglier than ikea shelving, case logic black nylon zip cases filled with misfiled CD’s in search of …….. oh wait, this years’, as you pointed out……… all i need to do is scan my itunes library of sub par recordings of tinny music.

i tunes is to music as jpeg is to photograph. fine enough. and further and further from the vinyl that use to play songs so richly but was relegated to playing kenny rogers or some -sh6$#T like that.

23 10 2008

What? who are you these days anyways? Ever since I explained the difference between .wav and .mp3 files to you on the airplane back from the west indes-you have been clawing the ground as mainstream society (and really, dare I say it-ok, consumerism) tries to drag you into throwing your hard copies to the wind and dropping the big bucks on itunes. You love buying new cds like no one I’ve ever met-in fact my girlfriend bought a new hard copy of a cd (jos stone anyone? the pictures in the linear notes confirm that she is just as hot as she sounds) just yesterday, and I smiled to myself thinking of YOUR love for the tearing off of all that stupid frustrating plastic, just to get to the goods. I mean, not to be dramatic or anything, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (This is the part where I scream ‘NOOOO!!’, and throw myself on top of your garbage bag of hard copies). Don’t do it. I’ll be back around thanksgiving to appreciate your still full ikea rack of cds.
Speaking of being stuck on a mostly deserted island, I can tell you from personal experience that 50 Albums simply will not cut it. It was only July when i realized that I lacked some serious foresight when planning my sailing trip, and am now sick to death of all the 8gb of music that my baby ipod would hold. Can you make me a good ol’ coopy mix cd?
Love hk
General Delivery
Kilauea, HI 96754

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